Spiral Binding Services, Coil Binding Services, Double O Wire Binding Services—
Hold Your Project Together

Your end product can benefit from the many “spiral binding services”, “coil binding services”, and “double o wire binding services” options that are available from Guardsman. See below.


Binding - Double O Wire Coil Binding
Binding – Double O Wire Coil Binding

Double O Wire Binding

  • Stock colors are black and white

  • Many other colors are available


Spiral Coil Binding - Coil Binding Services
Spiral Coil Binding – Coil Binding Services

Plastic Coil Binding

  • Stock colors are black and white

  • Many other colors are available

    Whatever your binding needs are, Guardsman Laminating, Inc. has the answer.

    Laminate and or Bind your custom presentations in ways that suit your company’s needs. Let us know if you want the edges of your bound material to be flush cut or if you would like your edges to have a sealed edge or an extended sealed edge to protect bound jobs from water moisture. This might come in handy for menus or for booklets that might be used in industrial areas. Please also let us know if your binding job does not require lamination.

    Bindery Services can be provided for custom presentations or for booklets or items you want to bind on a regular basis. Frequently these items include manuals, calendars, and menus you might want to bind over and over again when you might run out of these materials, or when your media wears out. Restaurants may want to order menus on a regular basis when they need to update pricing or replace worn out or damaged menus.

    Just supply Guardsman Laminating, Inc. with your printed materials and we will do the rest. We can add front and back covers, and add your choice of binding coils in the colors you might want. Bindery Services and options depend on the exact needs of your business or, if you are a printer, for whatever your client or customer may need.

    Whether you want to get something bound for your own business, or if you are a printer that has a customer that needs to engage Guardsman’s Bindery Services, Guardsman Laminating, Inc. is your answer. “Spiral binding services”, “coil binding services” and “double o wire binding services” are part of what we do. Limitations apply.

    Send Guardsman your project specifications. Fill out our Estimates-Contact Form on our contact page and we will be very happy to send you a FREE quote for the bindery services you need!!

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