Finishing for those Final Touches:

A Quick Reference List of our Finishing Services includes:

— Eyeletting, or Eyelets,
— Round Corners,
(or Round Cornering),
— Badge Punching,
— Easel Displays,
— Cutting,
— Drilling,
— Scoring,
— Folding,
— Shrink Wrapping.

Your end product can benefit from the many finishing options that are available.See below for details relating to the above services.


Finishing: Eyeletting, Eyelets.
Finishing: Eyeletting, Eyelets.

Eyeletting or Eyelets:

  • Brass or nickel plated eyelets.
  • Eyelets have 3/16″ or 1/4″ diameters.
  • Other sizes are available.
Finishing: Round Cornering
Finishing: Round Cornering

Round Corners & Round Cornering:

  • 1/8″ to 1/2″ radius

Round Cornering or Rounded Corners give a nice look to your end product and they also help prevent people from accidental paper cuts on square-cornered, sharp-edged laminated sheets.

This protection is especially important for heavier 5 MIL and 10 MIL laminate thicknesses where 90-degree corners can prove to be razor sharp if they are not round cornered.

You can also choose Double Round Cornering or Round Corners where both the paper stock is round cornered before the sheets are laminated and where the laminate is also round cornered after lamination.

Guardsman can round one, two, three or four corners of a printed sheet or card.

Another advantage of round cornering is that round corners reduce the wear and tear of corners and give your job a professional look.

Rounded Corners or Round Cornering looks great on business cards, brochures, booklets or catalogs!


Finishing: Badge Punching, Badge Punch.
Finishing: Badge Punching, Badge Punch.

Badge Punching.


Finishing: Easel Displays
Finishing: Easel Displays

Easel Displays:

  • Plain chipboard.
  • Single or double wing easels up to 18″


Other Finishing Touches.

Cutting and Drilling:

    • Let us precisely cut and trim your project for your specific final finished size.


    • Add drill holes for a range of sizes and applications.


    • Drilling is great for hanging marketing pieces, calendars, industrial uses, retail tags, or paper printed for binders.



Scoring up to 13” Maximum:

  • Create a perfect, clean crease for easy paper folding.

  • Consider using our scoring capabilities whenever you have a foldable product.

    Scoring is excellent for a crisp fold in heavier stock.



  • Have your products folded by us for perfect folding before they leave our facility!


Shrink Wrapping:

Shrink wrapping is a packing method that uses recyclable, heat-sealed plastic that encloses your products.

Shrink wrap protects your end-products against damage and gives customers the experience of opening a new package.

For printed materials, shrink wrap separates bundles for easy sorting.

Shrink wrap is only available for items that are no greater than 12×18 inches.

Shrink wrap is great for wrapping your end product, such as calendars, or creating discrete bundles of flyers for easy distribution.

It also adds a professional touch to client orders.

Send Guardsman your project specifications. Fill out our Estimates-Contact Form on our contact page and we will be very happy to send you a FREE quote for the finishing services you need!!

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