Guardsman Laminating, Inc. uses High Quality Laminate and has High Quality Lamination Equipment That Meets High Quality Industry Standards.

When you think of Laminating Services, Think Guardsman Laminating, Inc.!!

Production Lamination - Guardsman Laminating, Inc. - Laminating Services.
Production Lamination – Guardsman Laminating, Inc. – Laminating Services.

Lamination Services:

When you have a project that affects your Image, consider Guardsman’s High Quality Lamination or Laminating Services where you can select a High Quality Laminate of your choice for you projects.

Our long-standing industry experience has been providing the Midwest with high quality lamination or laminating services for years.

We further provide our services with outstanding trade pricing and we always strive to provide quick quotes.

At Guardsman Laminating, we are committed to make working with us as hassle-free as it can be. We know the importance of this and go to great lengths to make your experience as worry free as is possible.

Further, we strive to work to your schedule by having your job completed and in your hands when you need it and we strive to provide you with services at the highest quality.

We have low minimums for small projects and a large capacity to accommodate for large runs when you might want to run large runs that you might wish to run.

We also strive to provide quick turn times, to get the job done for you, as might be good, and as you might need it.

Our Laminating Film Materials or Laminates are of High Quality.

High Quality Film Laminate - Laminating Film
High Quality Film Laminate – Laminating Film

Laminate Sizes:

    • One or Two-sided laminating sizes from 10” X 13” up to 28” X 40” in 1.0MIL-1.5MIL laminates per side.
    • Two-sided laminating sizes from 2” X 3.5” up to 19” X 25” in 1.7MIL, 3MIL, 5MIL and 10MIL laminates per side.


Film Types: 

    • Polyester (standard) PET – 1.3MIL, 1.7MIL, 3MIL, 5MIL and 10MIL with finishes in gloss (standard), and matte.
    • Polypropylene (OPP) – 1.3MIL with finishes in gloss (standard), matte, and soft touch.
    • Nylon (lay flat) – 1.3MIL with finishes in gloss (standard) and matte.
    • Soft Touch or Scuff Proof OPP matte laminate (1.4MIL).

Protect your project with plastic, heat-sealed lamination or laminating services. Guardsman gives you a choice to help you choose a high-quality laminate to help you meet your laminating goals.

Laminating Services from Guardsman Laminating, Inc., add a professional aesthetic and lamination services from Guardsman Laminating help keep your paper media protected from various elements or extensive wear.

Examples where this is especially useful applies to items where such items may be subject to heavy use or as such might apply to: laminated VIP passes, corporate or government ID Tags, and to restaurant menus that might be exposed to liquids, greater use, and or other various elements.

Guardsman Laminating, Inc. recommends that all media that might be exposed to liquids or moisture be finished with a “SEALED EDGE” to seal off entry of liquids and moisture that might creep into the laminated media. Guardsman can help you choose a high quality laminate to seal “0ff” the edges of the media from external liquids or moisture to prevent entry of liquids or moisture from creeping into the laminated media and to also prevent the edges from fraying. FLUSH CUT lamination does not afford this protection.

SEALED EDGE or FLUSH CUT options are available from Guardsman at the same cost.

Please be free to choose the options that meet your needs. Please Call us with your questions and see why Guardsman might be your best good choice for laminating, binding, and other finishing services.

To order, please specify the following in Your Special Instructions:
–Type of lamination (gloss or matte).
–Specify flush or edge seal.
–Your desired laminate thickness.
–Your media’s dimensions, as it comes to us and as you want it to leave from us especially if we are to cut or trim your job.

Send Guardsman your project specifications. Fill out our Estimates-Contact Form on our contact page and we will be very happy to send you a FREE quote for the lamination services you might want and or need!!

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